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  • PhD Student, Environmental Studies, University of Victoria. Sept 2014-present. Supervisor: Dr. Natalie Ban
  • MSc, Fisheries Ecology, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia. 2010-2012. Supervisor: Dr. Scott Hinch
  • BSc, Natural Resources Conservation, University of British Columbia. 2005-2009. Honours supervisor: Dr. Sally Aitken


Whitney, C.K., S. G. Hinch & D. A. Patterson (2014) Population origin and water temperature affect development timing in embryonic sockeye salmon. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 143:5, 1316-1329.

Sopinka, N.M., Hinch, S.G., Lotto, A.G., Whitney, C.K., Patterson, D.A. 2013. Does among-population variation in burst swimming performance of sockeye salmon Onchorhynchus nerka fry reflect early life migrations? Journal of Fish Biology 83(5): 1416-24.

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Whitney, C.K., D.A. Patterson, and S.G. Hinch. 2013. Provenance matters: thermal reaction norms for embryo survival among sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka populations. Journal of Fish Biology 82: 1159-1176.

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Whitney, C.K. 2012. Fry’n Eggs: Sockeye salmon in hot water. Branchlines 23 Vol. 4. UBC Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia.

Whitney, C.K. 2012. Variation in embryonic thermal tolerance among populations of sockeye salmon: Offspring   survival, growth, and hatch timing in response to elevated incubation temperature. MSc. Thesis. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Drenner S.M., T.D. Clark, C.K. Whitney, E.G. Martins, S.J. Cooke, and S.G. Hinch. 2012. A synthesis of tagging studies examining the behaviour and survival of anadromous salmonids in marine environments. PLoS ONE 7(3): e31311

Honours and Awards

  • Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) PhD Fellowship (2015-2018, renewable)
  • NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (2015-2018)
  • UVic Entrance Award, 2014
  • VanDusen Graduate Fellowship in Forestry, University of British Columbia, 2011
  • NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGSM), 2010
  • University of British Columbia Dean’s Honour Roll, 2007-2009
  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) (2x) 2008, 2009
  • Hugh Robert Duncan Chisholm Scholarship in Forestry, 2008
  • Millennium Excellence Award, 2007
  • Mildred Brock Memorial Scholarship, 2007
  • H.R. MacMillan Scholarship in Forestry, 2007
  • Dean of Forestry Scholarship, 2007


Whitney, C.K., S.G. Hinch, and D.A. Patterson. Provenance Matters: Early development thermal reaction norms among    populations of sockeye salmon. Conference Presentation, World Fisheries Congress. May 7-11, 2012. Edinburgh, Scotland.

Whitney, C.K., D.A. Patterson, and S.G. Hinch. Early development thermal reaction norms among populations of sockeye salmon. Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference, March 3-5, 2012. Bamfield, BC, Canada

Whitney, C.K. Thermal tolerance in juvenile sockeye salmon: Implications for warming river temperatures in British Columbia. UBC Faculty of Forestry Seminar Series (invited speaker).

Whitney, C.K., D.A. Patterson, J.M. Burt, and S.G. Hinch. Early development thermal reaction norms among populations of sockeye salmon. 141st Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society. 4-8 September 2011. Seattle, WA, USA.

Whitney, C.K., and S.G. Hinch. Fry’n Eggs: Elevated temperature effects across sockeye salmon populations. Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference, March 3-5, 2011. Bamfield, BC, Canada

Research and Work Experience

  • Parks Canada, Voluntary Measures for Marine Protected Areas Conservation, contract, Jan-April 2015
  • Research Assistant, MaPP End-Review Process, Sept-Dec 2014
  • Fish and Wildlife Technician, Resort Municipality of Whistler, April-Oct 2014
  • Fish Biologist, Okanagan Nation Alliance (ONA), Nelson BC, Sept 2013-April 2014
  • CIDA Intern, Sustainable Aquaculture, Memorial University of Newfoundland & Bunda College, Lilongwe Malawi, Oct 2012-April 2013
  • Research Technician/Project Lead, Juvenile Sockeye Salmon Thermal Tolerance in the Fraser River, BC. Pacific Salmon Ecology and Conservation Lab, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC. Sept 2010-June 2012
  • Conference Organizer, Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference, Bamfield BC, May 2012
  • Research Assistant, Pacific Salmon Ecology and Conservation Lab, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC. May 2009-May 2010. 
  • Research Assistant, Centre for Forest Conservation Genetics, University of British Columbia, May 2007-April 2009


  • Seminar instructor, Environmental Studies 200, U. of Victoria (winter and spring 2015)
  • Teaching Assistant Conference, U. of Victoria (2015)
  • Instructor, Research Methods, Bunda College of Agriculture Lilongwe Malawi (2013)
  • Graduate Teaching Asst., Wildlife Ecology and Management, U. of British Columbia (2012)
  • Instructional Skills Workshop, U. of British Columbia (2011)
  • Graduate Teaching Asst., Integrated Conservation Field Course, U. of British Columbia (2011)
  • Undergrad Teaching Asst., Forest Biology, U. of British Columbia (2007)

Other things I do

I like writing about other things beyond strictly academia.

Whitney, C.K. Pipelines on the central coast: What could Northern Gateway mean for boaters? Pacific Yachting 06/2014

Whitney, C.K., and D.J. Carr. Maximize your galley: 15 Tips and Tricks. Pacific Yachting 11/2013.

Whitney, C.K. Haida Gwaii Homecoming. Pacific Yachting 06/2013.